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WWDC Keynote Monday, June 8th 10AM: As Expected, No Steve Jobs

Apple’s WWDC Keynote will happen on Monday, June 8th, at 10 am. Phil Schiller will be presenting, as he has the last two Apple events. It’s tempting to start asking, “Where’s Steve?”, because it’s June. Don’t.

Somewhere along the way, people worked the question into their mind that it was a possibility that Steve Jobs would speak at the keynote. This has never been stated as a possibility. Twice, Apple and Jobs himself have confirmed that he would return after WWDC, which occurs in early June.

When Steve Jobs stepped down in January to focus on his health, he said, in a letter to the community, “I have decided to take a medical leave of absence until the end of June.”

More recently Apple’s interim CEO, long time COO magician Tim Cook, carefully reiterated during the Q1 earnings call, “We look forward to Steve returning to Apple at the end of June.”

Not that he hasn’t been busy. The WSJ reports that Jobs has been moving behind the scenes, specifically, that he “regularly reviews products and product plans”.…

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